This is such a cool blog! When do you give readings? I'd really love to get one :) Happy New year!


Thanks for liking my blog even if I just seldom post stuffs. Anyway I do readings whenever I just feel like doing.

So here is one for you:

Ten of Cups
It reflects joy and happiness that you are being surrounded with it especially with your family and /or other people surrounding you. But it might also be warning you in order not to fall in a promise of a fairytale.

Happy New Year to you too :)

What are the necklases called in your "moon card" picture ** I want to buy myself one on ebay or so but I have no Idear what to search for O: please help ^^ thx xx


if you mean the crystal ones, it’s called “crystal pendulums” :)
glad to help

Are you Wiccan or Pagan?


Sorry to disappoint you but I’m neither Wiccan nor Pagan but I have respect for every living creature with or without a religion.  Thanks for asking :)

Hi, I was wondering if I could have a reading, please? I'm really concerned about the future. I father is unemployed and I have to decide what I'm going to study so if you could please maybe tell me some good news? Thanks, have a nice day xx


Hello surely I’d love to give you a reading so here is a Fleeting Glimpse of a Fairy Reading for you:

Two of Summer

An new love or an old love had seem to capture your heart. Give and receive love with an open and trusting heart. As for my personal insight on what this has to convey about your future is to reconnect with the things you ‘loved’ or still ‘love’ doing. As Confucius puts it “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” maybe you should take that into consideration in choosing which you will take on studying.

I hope it helps. I wish you well :)

Hi, could I have a reading, please? I'm concerned about my future, on account of my physical health. I don't know if I'll ever have children, or a career, etc.


Hello, so here goes A Fleeting Glimpse of a Fairy reading:
Knight of Spring 
It represents a person who is fired up and ready for action. As, a situation it conveys opportunity for creative exploration towards new possibilities. It might also indicate an unplanned travel. As for my personal insight, I don’t see anything wrong as far as what this card likes to convey that if you are trapped in some sort of routine, you must learn to break through it in order to materialize what you aspire for if in this case in terms of having children and a career. As for your health, the card isn’t warning you of any vital issues. But if you feel that something that you need to get clarified about your health, seeing a physician would be useful ;)

I hope it helps.
Have a nice day! :)

my wooden floor showcasing incoming mails from my sweet penpals from Thailand, Netherlands and Poland

my wooden floor showcasing incoming mails from my sweet penpals from Thailand, Netherlands and Poland

Thank you for the reading! I will look forward to new possibilities and let my imagination run free :D


Glad to help :)

Hello! If you are doing readings may I have one on please? :)


sure, I’ve sent it to your ask ;)

Hi can I get a reading? Lately I've been really worried about something that I know probably isn't going to happen but the irrational and crazy part of me keep freaking me out. It's just a fear I know, and I really don't have to worry, but I'm still scared. Can I have a reading about that I guess? Also can this be private? Thank you!


Sure, I’ve just sent it to your ask :)